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Who are we?

The Stories of Love Movement is a social and educational organization aimed to support and mobilize highly motivated Colombian youth to go to university while they contribute greatly to their communities. It is a non-profit organization which seeks to ensure an educational and professional future for young people from vulnerable communities in northern Colombia , in order to ensure the development of a critical, democratic and equitable society that works for the development of their community.
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Our mission is to mobilize young Colombians from vulnerable backgrounds to obtain a university degree, so that they can contribute to the development and improvement of the socio-political, economic and cultural context of their community.


Our vision is to be an international organization recognized in the world for generating a social and economic impact on vulnerable populations through creating educational opportunities for its youth and sustainable activities in the community.


For now, we execute our activities in the community of San Pablo – Maria la Baja and in Cartagena, Colombia. Our students are from San Pablo which is a rural community south of Cartagena. Though it is filled with many passionate people, the presence of poverty makes it very difficult for them to create structural solutions to the challenges in their community. The inability for many people to go to university to acquire valuable knowledge and skills and to be able to get better paying jobs, makes it difficult for people to better their lives and to create more growth opportunities for the community.

Organizational Structure

This organization is made possible by the efforts of various passionate individuals. The students are the heart of the organization and inspire us with their drive and motivation. Rosita Paulo is the founder and director, a passionate human being and a self-proclaimed Colombian. She cares deeply about education and making the world a more equal place, and has therefore chosen to invest in the education of Colombian youngsters.
Hilda Zuniga is the coordinator of the organization, and educator at heart and uses all of her spare time to keep the project going on the ground. Below you’ll find an overview of the people who keep our organization going.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

1. No poverty

By improving the economic context of the community, we work on eradicating poverty in the community of San Pablo.

4. Quality Education

We provide access to quality education to ensure an educational and professional future for our youngsters and their communities.

5. Gender Equality

We aim to provide equal ease of access to resources and opportunities regardless of gender. Primarily we do this by offering educational opportunities to all girls, boys and genderqueers.

8. Decent Work and Economic Growth

By investing in the professional development and the local economy, we work on creating more employment opportunities and stimulating the economic growth in the community of San Pablo.

13. Climate Action

We offer structural environmental education clases to put the young generation on a sustainable path early on.

16. Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

We stimulate youth participation in democratic decicions and trauma healing as a way of navigating this national post-conflict phase.

With our work we hope to improve the self-reliance of the students and their communities. By working together with local partners as well, we hope to strengthen the communities and increase the feeling of a shared responsibility for their futures.

~ The Stories of Love Movement

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