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Our students are the heart of the organization

We are currently supporting 21 students between the ages of 17 and 22. Our students are enrolled in university and study a wide range of inspiring studies. Additionally, they have created sustainable social projects to contribute to the development of their community. We work together with their families to improve family relationships and encourage dialogue as a tool for communication and support.

Class of 2018

Luz Eneidis

Luz Eneidis is the organizational talent of the team. She gets everything arranged, is incredibly disciplined and can effortlessly do 10 things at the same time. During her exam year she passed the entrance exam of the University of Cartagena on the first try. This exam is extremely difficult to pass and the university only accepts 10% of all registrations. At this moment she is studying Biology and she would like to specialize in marine biology. Within the foundation Luz Eneidis is envolved in many activities in the field of personal and educational development, environmental education and other recreational activities. Donate to help Luz Eneidis achieve her goals.

Katerin (Graduated)

Katerin is an observant and reflective 18 year old who knows exactly what the youth in her community need to be able to develop well emotionally and physically. Alongside of that, she is aware of the negative effects of the high underemployment rate in her community. She dreams of obtaining triple degree so that she can tackle both issues. Psychology to cater to the psychological needs of her community members and Tourism to create more employment opportunities. Interestingly, she decided to start with nursing first.
Currently, we are looking for the means to help Katerin  finish her nursing degree. Donate to help Katarin achieve her goals.


Edwin is a 17 old who cares deeply about the environment and its wellbeing. He is very passionate, organized and loves to see his environment thrive. Edwin dreams of tackling the absence of garbage collection in his community and about spreading the message of the importance of caring for your environment. Currently, we are looking for the means to help Edwin study Environmental Engineering.. Donate to help Edwin achieve his goals.

Luz Elena

Luz Elena is a hard working 18 year old who is very loyal and professional in everything that she does. Just like her fellow participants, she too wants to contribute to the improvement of the living conditions of her community. Her dream is to manage various projects and organizations and therefore bring structure and stability in everything that happens around her. She is now studying Accountancy with a side interest in Business Administration and Civil Engineering.
Currently, we are seeking the means to help Luz Elena finish her study.
 Donate to help Luz Elena achieve her goals.


Bertha is a caring 18 year old and is passionate about everything that has to do to with dancing and making people’s life better. Curently she studies to obtain a degree in Social Sciences and Health. Having a mother who is hearing impaired, Bertha learned from a young age the importance of being able to communicate well. Since it is very difficult to find good health facilities in her community, Bertha has often felt very frustrated that her mother could not get the help that she needed. Donate to help Bertha achieve her goals.

Luis Carlos (Graduated)

Luis Carlos is a hardworking 18 year old who wants to improve his life and the ones around him.
Although he has many talents and loves to organize various activities, he is the most passionate about dentistry and oral health and would like to obtain a degree in this field. Currently, we are looking for the means to help Luis Carlos finish his study. Donate to help Luis Carlos achieve his goals.

Wilberto (Graduated)

Wilberto is a 17 year old who likes to emphasize how responsible, caring and funny he is. He enjoys dancing and will always go the extra mile to cheer someone up. Wilberto cares a great deal about his environment and especially the animals. Therefore, he would like to study veterinary and psychology and social work as a second option.
Currently, we are looking for the means to help Wilberto finish his study. Donate to help Wilberto achieve his goals.

Class of 2021


Yulineth is a 17-year-old girl. She is a cheerful and sociable person. From a young age she hoped to study medicine because she wants to be able to help the community and the most vulnerable people. Yulineth is a disciplined person with great teamwork skills. Donate to help Yulineth achieve her goals.


Sara is a 17-year-old girl who is very committed and responsible with what she does. She is disciplined, likes to collaborate and is really keen to start her university studies and to be able to contribute to the development of her community. She is interested in studying English literature in order to become an English teacher, create beautiful projects and to travel around the world. Donate to help Sara achieve her goals.


Fiana is a 20-year-old girl who is currently studying International Business at the Comfenalco Technological University. She dreams of being an entrepreneur to create more job opportunities in her community. She is a participative person, with great leadership skills who likes teamwork. Her goal is to finish her studies so she can help her family and also help those in need. Donate to help Fiana achieve her goals.


Yusethis is a 20-year-old girl who has known the foundation’s project since the beginning and has been a volunteer on several occasions. She is currently studying Health Services Administration and wants to improve the health care services in her community. Yusethis is a responsible, creative and persevering person. Donate to help Yusethis achieve her goals.

Juan David

Juan David is an enthusiastic 17-year-old boy who has great ambition to start his professional studies and to improve his quality of life. Juan David would like to study (Environmental) Law since this subject really concerns him and would love to be able to teach within his community how to take care of the environment. Donate to help Juan David achieve his goals.


Shirli is a responsible and committed 20 year old charismatic young woman. She has always been interested in the subject of health and that is why she wants to study Physiotherapy. Her goal is to finish her university studies, practice her profession and contribute to the improvement of her environment and that of her community. Donate to help Shirli achieve her goals.

Mari Judith

Mari Judith is an 18-year-old girl who aims to start her university studies and thus be able to improve her quality of life, that of her family and that of her community. Initially she wanted to study social work or psychology because from a very young age she has been a person with great abilities to listen and talk about the problems of the people in her community in order to help them find solutions. Now she is going to study law in order to advocate for the rights of her community.  Donate to help Mari Judith achieve her goals.


Gleidis is a 18 year old girl who is very committed and responsible with what she does. She finished secondary school in 2018 and is excited to go to university. Her wish is to complete a study in the health sector or accounting. With that knowledge she wants to contribute to the improvement of the living conditions in her community. It’s important for her to share her knowledge and to be an inspiration for other youngsters.  Donate to help Gleidis achieve her goals.

Class of 2023


Isac is a collaborative 18 year old who invests good relationships with his teammates, but can also be quite competitive. He is passionate about everything related to ‘tech’ and spends much of his free time educating himself on this topic. Isac studies Systems Engineering and wants to contribute to his community in the area of ​​the environment. He plans on using the knowledge he will obtain in his career to design an application that contributes to environmental education. Donate to help Isac achieve his goals.

Luis Alberto

Luis Alberto is an intelligent 21 years old who is a dreamer, spontaneous, attentive and likes teamwork. He studies System Engineering and wants to contribute to his community by designing a website where the foundation has the possibility of obtaining more funds so more people can benefit from studying a professional career. Fun fact: Luis Alberto loves watching movies and tv shows and dreams of creating his own tv show one day. Donate to help Luis Alberto achieve his goals.


Keiver is a charismatic 19 years old who is spontaneous, has amazing leadership abilities and finds it important to have good relationships with his colleagues and team members.
He enjoys outdoor activities, being surrounded by nature and likes to help with social activities to benefit his community. He studies Environmental Engineering and wants to inspire other young people to take care of the planet and to contribute to their socio-environmental development. Donate to help Keiver achieve his goals.

Luz Karime

Luz Karime is a disciplined  and responsible 17 years old who enjoys reading, participating in  teamwork and loves spending time with her family. She wants to study Nursing and use her acquired knowledge to serve her community by promoting healthy lifestyles, and also implement strategies from  our ‘Sexual health & Reproductive rights so that young people from her community can have a responsible sexual life. Donate to help Luz Karime achieve her goals.

José Carlos

José Carlos is a passionate 17 years old who is very organized. In his spare time he likes to cook, draw, improve his his technological skills and do community work.
He studies Systems Engineering and wants to use technology to provide solutions for different problems related to the environment. Donate to help José Carlos achieve his goals.


Deiber is a happy and charismatic 19 year old who likes to work in a team and is passionate about sports. He studies Accounting and wants to have a positive impact on his community. Through social service, he dreams of motivating his peers to participate in community projects, showing them that it is possible to fulfill their dreams! Donate to help Deiber achieve his goals.

Why do we invest in young people

According to the United Nations Fund for Population Activities (Unfpa), “when young people can claim their rights, they can constitute a powerful force for economic development and positive transformation. However, when there is not enough investment on them, they are highly vulnerable. “

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